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Trinity Audio text to speech demo

Discover the Trinity Player – a high-quality text to speech (TTS) player that understands text and effortlessly transforms it into audio output with humanlike delivery.

Our text to speech demo allows you to enter text for up to 300 characters to try out one of the six languages available: (English (US and UK accent available), German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian) and hear an audio snippet in the default Matthew voice based on the industry-leading AWS Polly technology. You can also see how the player functions on a publisher’s website with all the other features it provides such as our content discovery feature, real-time audio translation and our content recommendations unit – the Trinity Pulse.

Besides sampling our speech engine, there are also audio advertising options available to give you a preview of how you can monetize your audience via audio content.

Please note: our full product supports more than 20 languages and a variety of data and metrics. The unit integrates seamlessly into all content platforms as well as all audio distribution platforms.

Please see our FAQ for any details, information, or questions you might have.