FAQ aka ‘You ask, we answer – a list of the most common questions we get asked by prospects’

In today’s super-competitive landscape, every user is valuable. Getting the attention of readers in the age of numerous distractions is a road full of challenges – challenges almost every content creator is facing. With every user up for grabs, there’s no doubt audio can be of immense help.

Publishers, brands, individual bloggers, and others are all beginning to recognize the power and value of audio content and voice technology behind it. As the interest in our audio solutions grows, we get asked a lot of questions by publishers and bloggers. We thought it would be helpful to share the most common ones with you, in order to help you learn more on your path to turning your readers into listeners.

How much do the Trinity Audio players cost?

We have various (very affordable!) pricing plans, for more info do reach out to us at sales@trinityaudio.ai

Where can I demo the player?

You can see a demo here: demo

What’s the difference between your WordPress plugin and the Trinity Player? How do I know which one is more suitable for my website?

That basically depends on the volume of traffic on your website. For sites under 100K monthly visitors, the WordPress plugin is ideal while sites with 100K monthly visitors and above should use Trinity Player as a new revenue stream.

How easy is it to implement your solutions?

All of Trinity Audio’s products (Trinity Player, Trinity Pulse, Trinity Skills and the WordPress plugin) are based on a JavaScript tag that is super simple to implement. In addition, we offer 24/7 tech support in case there is a hiccup (tech-based hiccup, that is; for the real one, we suggest drinking a glass of water quickly or biting a lemon).

You can check our implementation guide for the WordPress plugin or view the video below:

What’s the onboarding/integration process?

The process is seamless for both the WordPress plugin and Trinity Player. 

For the WordPress plugin:

  • Go to the plugin’s page.
  • Install the Trinity Audio plugin from the ‘Add new Plugin’ option.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Go to the ‘Trinity Audio’ tab in your WordPress admin interface and configure the settings for your plugin.

The Trinity Player can be set up by us within an hour. It requires placing a JavaScript tag on the page. In addition, the unit is also configurable so we can run it in test mode on part of the traffic.

Once integrated, how long does it take the players to convert a blog post/article into audio?

It depends on the size of the text, but as a general rule of thumb, text of roughly 1000 words takes 2 minutes.

Does Trinity Audio work differently on mobile-friendly sites as opposed to desktop sites?

It depends if your website is using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework or SPA (single-page application). However, we can safely say there is no significant difference in performance.

What’s the underlying technology your players are based on?

For the past two years, we have been working alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a technology partner. We leverage AWS Polly’s high-quality voice output together with our proprietary audio quality secret sauce, as well as provide the ability to easily audiofy text-based content with minimal time-to-market and in a cost effective way. On top of that, there is our text analysis capability to understand which part of the article is the textual part and which is not.

What is the biggest advantage you have over your competitors ?

Our biggest advantage over others relates to these things:

  1. Our solutions are completely free. 
  2. We monetize the product using direct and programmatic audio demand. Publishers with high volumes of traffic are eligible for rev share. 
  3. We have the best text-to-speech solution in the market (but we welcome the challenge). 
  4. As a bonus, we also solve the voice interaction puzzle for publishers and content creators with skills and actions for smart devices. 

But if a user will opt to listening rather than reading, won’t it be at the expense of browsing my website, thus hurting my overall revenue?

That is a legitimate concern but the answer is no. The users that opt for audio typically do so because they don’t have the time or patience to read or watch (multitasking is the no.1 motivation to choose an audio experience). Thus, you’ll in fact be increasing the time users spend on your website, and their pages per session.

We’ve been seeing the time spent on site stat go up among our partner websites, as well as a 10% increase in page sessions. Those two stats result in increases in revenue. On top of that, we’ve found that the users that aren’t multitasking tend to keep on scrolling while listening. 

The bottom line – audiofying your content will result in more users and more hours throughout the day where users are engaging with your content. 

What are the size and dimensions of Trinity Audio’s player?

The height is 70 px, while the width is defined by site. Size is typically around 35kb.

Where can I place the player in my articles?

If you are using our WordPress plugin, you can place the player before or after the article. The location is configurable from the settings tab

If you’re using the Trinity Player, you can place it anywhere you’d like, although we suggest placing it at the top of the article for maximum visibility.

Will the player be added to new articles automatically?

Yes. In the WordPress plugin, under ‘Player settings’, there is a ‘New post default’ option that should be set to ‘Trinity Audio enabled’ by default. If not, change it and new articles will automatically feature the player. 

Does the player affect the site’s loading time?

We take great pride in keeping our player’s resources to a minimum. We optimize for both latency and resource consumption so that the footprint is minimal. 

That said, every website is unique. Should you see any effect on page loading time, we urge you to approach us.

Can it be customized?

Absolutely. You can tinker to get a look and feel that perfectly matches your website.

Can the player work with other ad units on the page?

Yes. If we’re talking about the FAB (Floating Action Button) which represents the primary action in your UI, we can make sure it doesn’t overlap with other units.

How good is the quality of the audio?

The best – check out for yourself by “playing” this post, right beneath the title. Thanks to AWS Polly’s Newscaster voice, it feels like a real person is narrating your content, and they never say ‘uhm’! Plus, you can choose male or female voices, different languages and local accents to further refine the listening experience. 

Which languages are supported?

At the moment, we support Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English (Australian, British, Indian, US, Welsh), French, Hindi, German, Islandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegean, Polish, Portugeuse (Brazilian, European), Romaian, Russian, Spanish (European, Mexican, US), Swedish, Turkish and Welsh. 

Don’t see yours on the list? Talk to us.

Can I choose a different gender to a specific post?

You can in the WordPress plugin. Via the general settings, you can define the default gender voice and can change it for each post.

Is there a way to understand which site is audio friendly?

Virtually every website is audio friendly as long as it has textual content that is more than a paragraph long. Other than that, there are some minor things to avoid but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered here as well.

What text does the player read?

For the WordPress plugin: the player generally can read the post’s body, headline, and excerpt. This is part of the plugin configuration and can be modified at all times. 

For the Trinity Player integration: we provide a custom integration making sure we read 100% of relevant text, and none of the fluff.  

Can we add on-demand specific metrics?

You can. However, do note it will depend on which metrics we are talking about. We accept most of them. 

Where do you see better results? Mobile or desktop?

Mobile as the very nature of audio as a channel is more in line with the ongoing shift in user behavior – being on the go and multitasking. 

Do you support cross-promotion - running audio ads produced by the site’s owner?

Yes, we do.

How does the player avoid audiofying text that isn’t relevant on the page?

Thanks to one of our AI solutions, which is part of the secret sauce we cooked up. Making the correct match to your website is part of the short on-boarding process.

What kind of content works best?

There isn’t any specific type of content we can single out but we have noticed that news, finance, sports, and generally any type of news content fares slightly better than the rest.

What kind of reporting do you provide?

For the Trinity Player we provide a designated dashboard you’ll get credentials to.

Our reporting system is designed to show you the most relevant data points. Aside from basic info such as IP, UA, Device ID, Geo, Language, and so on, we also show advanced metrics that include Player load %, CTR, number of ad opportunities, tailormade breakdowns per campaign/ad, and more. 

With respect to the WordPress plugin, currently there’s no reporting. 

If I’m eligible for revenue share, how can I tell how much revenue I’ve gained? And how can I withdraw it?

You will have all the details in the reporting system. On top of that, we will sign a standard insertion order with bank details to send the revenue your way.

I want to integrate your data into my Google Analytics reporting, is that possible?

We realize you probably already have your reporting solution in place, and would like to see our metrics in it. We provide an easy integration with your GA, or other site analytics tool. Talk to us for further details. 

Can we add on-demand specific metrics?

You can. However, do note it will depend on which metrics we are talking about. We accept most of them. 

Where do you see better results? Mobile or desktop?

Mobile as the very nature of audio as a channel is more in line with the ongoing shift in user behavior – being on the go and multitasking. 

Do you support cross-promotion - running audio ads produced by the site’s owner?

Yes, we do.

Can you commit to a minimal RPM for audio ads or do you play an ad based on availability?

We can’t commit as we need to first evaluate the traffic with our advertisers. 

Do you have any plans to support stats API?

Yes – expect news about it very soon.

How do you build a customized set of preferred articles?

We use AI to predict the most relevant articles per user. We are also able to create respective skills and actions that support flash briefing format or full articles based on our recommendation engine.

Do you work with fixed CPM?


That would just about cover the most common question people ask us. If you have something that’s left unanswered after this FAQ, be sure to simply reach out via our contact form – we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.