Author: Ron Jaworski


How to monetize your site using audio

Here’s a rough picture of my 2 cents on how things look from a web-based content perspective. On one side, there are publishers who are doing their best to manage campaigns across different channels and devices and trying to keep up with necessary adjustments for better user engagement and usability. The other side is occupied… Read more »


How to make Alexa smarter: best game skills

As some of you may know already, skills are voice-powered abilities that enhance and personalize Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and subsequently all your Alexa-enabled devices. Essentially, you are (sort of) adding voice apps with various features so Alexa can do more. If you’ve been following our blog, you already know we enjoy sifting through various… Read more »


The rise of smart speakers and what it means for audio content

One of the frequent buzzwords on the world wide web are smart speakers and the accompanying aspects such as virtual assistants that power them, third-party integrations, and so on. The fact that the majority of people immediately link smart speakers with the seemingly ubiquitous voice technology only helps the cause. More than ever before, there… Read more »